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Hydraulic Valves - Pressure control valves

Relieve Valve
Direct Acting Pressure Relief Valve DPR


1. Direct Acting valve
2. Guided poppet design
3. Cushion arrangement for greater stability and noise control
4. Three sizes   06,10 and 20
5. Three mounting styles-  
  •     Threaded cartridge
  •     Threade port body
  •     Subplate Type
6. Six Pressure ranges- Upto 25,50,100,200,315 and 400
7. Two options for- With set screw and Lock nut
8. Pressure adjustment with hand knob

Reducing Valve

Direct Acting Pressure reducing valve DPMS

Direct Acting spool type Pressure reducing valve with control of pressure from either secondary circuit or from remote source

Four Pressure ranges-  25,50,100,200, bar with primary pressure rating to 315 bar
Two options for- With set screw and Lock nut
Pressure setting by screw adjustment.

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